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We know what a particularly special time it is to be quiet and in your own home. We have Greek Orthodox icons that you can surround yourself with during your worship. See what else we stock to enhance your spiritual experience in your home or parish.

What You Can Expect from Pantanassa Regarding Greek Icons

You might have looked around and could not find Greek orthodox icons for sale in Australia as the Greek Orthodox faith is not that commonly practised here. We can help you out as we stock many icon prints you can purchase for your home or church, all online, and you no longer have to go on a hunt to find them.

  • Greek saint variety: Whether you are looking for Saint Leonides or Byzantine icons such as Saint Emmanuel, you will be sure to find a saint you prefer from our selection online. The Patron Saint of the Greek island Kalymnos was the spiritual leader of the nuns of the Convent of the All Saints. He usually shares a celebration day with St Mary of Egypt on the fifth Sunday of Lent. Other Saints we stock are St Raphael, St Pericles, St Alexandra and St George. Our alphabetical list makes it easy for you to find the saint you prefer. The images of Greek Orthodox church icons visible in the church often depends on what the priest selects. Still, you can get our replicas of the same icons or even eastern orthodox icons of resurrection, from us.
  • Accessories: Further enhance your faith with a better understanding of the icons, Greek Orthodox faith and the Divine Liturgy and Holy Mysteries of the Church. Add some Greek oregano and Throubi to your cart for added flavour and to help you soothe a sore throat. Greek oregano tends to be more savoury and has more of an earthy taste than that of Italian oregano, although used in the same way. Throubi has anti-toxic qualities that can be useful as a health support remedy. Other accessories we sell are metal and wooden crosses. You can feel safe and protected when you are outside, and also show fellow believers that you can resonate with them with a cross around your neck. If you are looking for Greek orthodox icons to buy, you might prefer a Lady Sweet pendant or Theotokos of the Sign silver or gold pendants.
  • Greek coffee: Our Greek coffee is roasted and ground locally for our monastery, using Ethiopian and Arabica coffee beans. Coffee in Greek culture, as in many others, can be enjoyed as a beverage, and a very strong one at that, or given as a gift of good faith. If you simply just enjoy a good cup of Greek coffee, then you are welcome to support us if you like the quality and taste of our blend.
  • Candles. We can also customise candles for you engraved with “Christ is Risen” in Greek “Christos Anesti”. These are perfect for gifts or personal use during Eastertide. Candles can be used during your quiet time to meditate on, using the flame as a focus to clear your mind. You can also use the candles for ceremonial rituals or just to create a calm ambience by your Iconastasi (Icon stand area).

You will find more than just Greek Orthodox items for sale when you browse our range of products that will enhance your spiritual experience at home or in the parish. If you are buying for your congregation, you can buy in bulk, and we can arrange delivery to you, also do contact us regarding warehouse pricing.

Other Products and Eastern Orthodox Icons for Sale

We want you to have the best spiritual experience, and we bring on new products often that you will need for an enhanced experience. We also have a unique wooden prosphoro stamp, hand-carved on Mount Athos. If you are looking for a specific devotional item or an eastern orthodox resurrection icon, we might have it in stock:

  • Incense and oil. Our latest Metal Vigil Oil Lamp will be the perfect addition to your Iconastasi. It has a red glass holder for the oil inside, while the candle holder is part of the base of the lamp. If you prefer incense, we have a range of incense burners to suit your taste, as well as handmade incense for parish or home use as well as charcoal briquettes. Our incense burners are suitable for use in the church or at home, and you are sure to find the style and size that will suit your needs.
  • Seasonal products. Christmas and Easter are two of the most important times on the religious calendar. We stock Christmas ornaments and well as Easter candles to make this time spent with your family extra special. People enjoy celebrating the birth and resurrection of Jesus, whether in the parish or at home, with unique candles and decorations. If you celebrate Saint Vasilis on the 6th of January, be sure you are ready for the Feast of Epiphany and that you have enough ornaments or even one for each child as a gift, and candles to create the festive atmosphere.
  • Greeting cards. A text or email can never replace the distinctive feeling of belonging and being relevant to someone that you feel when you receive a greeting card. We stock seasonal as well as generic greeting cards so you can make anyone’s day at any time of the year. Have a look at our seasonal greeting cards to make Easter and Christmas that much more special.
  • CDs and books. Many people are keen to read as much literature as they can find about their religion. For the adult’s spiritual growth, we stock Greek and English religious books, while we have a few scripture lessons available for the youngsters.

About Pantanassa

We have been selling our products online for the last ten years; we are still building our monastery and raising funds to do so through our online products. Customers include Greek, Lebanese, Romanian, Serbian and Coptic Orthodox, but we welcome anyone with interest in what we sell. We take US and Aus currency as payment, and we can ship worldwide so you can get all your Greek orthodox items online. International customers will receive a tax refund as well as for excessive shipping fees.

You can find us, our coffee and honey, in Mangrove Creek, if you wish to visit, but you are also welcome to contact us if you have any queries or are looking for a specific devotional product.

Published: Wed 08 December 2021