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The Resurrection is the central doctrine of the Holy Christian Church and Faith, for since Christ died and rose again from the dead, He has opened the Gates of Paradise to Adam and all of his descendants who wish to live with God and His Holy Saints forever.  This uniting of our will to God is always a necessary and willing choice that only we can make, not our relatives, or even our religious friends, for it is our own will that must be united to seek and love and wish to live with Him for all Eternity.  With the Resurrection, the Crucifixion and all suffering has meaning and purpose.  Without it, only Pagan despair will reign.

In this modern Greek icon, Christ pulls Adam and Eve out of the nether world, or Hades, where he had lived in shadow since he died in his fallen state.  All of humanity was unable until Christ to overcome the deadly effects of sin, and so the flaming sword had kept closed the Gates of Eden.  Paradoxically when Christ accepted death, He destroyed the power of evil to hold humanity captive.  Now if we accept through Faith our sufferings gladly and unite ourselves to Christ in His Church, we may live with Him forever.

Movable Church Feast Day: Pascha

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